Application of Immobilized Enzymes in Juice Clarification

Foods. 2023 Nov 24;12(23):4258. doi: 10.3390/foods12234258.


Immobilized enzymes are currently being rapidly developed and are widely used in juice clarification. Immobilized enzymes have many advantages, and they show great advantages in juice clarification. The commonly used methods for immobilizing enzymes include adsorption, entrapment, covalent bonding, and cross-linking. Different immobilization methods are adopted for different enzymes to accommodate their different characteristics. This article systematically reviews the methods of enzyme immobilization and the use of immobilized supports in juice clarification. In addition, the mechanisms and effects of clarification with immobilized pectinase, immobilized laccase, and immobilized xylanase in fruit juice are elaborated upon. Furthermore, suggestions and prospects are provided for future studies in this area.

Keywords: clarification mechanism; immobilization method; immobilized enzyme; immobilized support; juice clarification.

Publication types

  • Review