RNA in cardiovascular disease: A new frontier of personalized medicine

Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2024 Jan 20:S0033-0620(24)00016-1. doi: 10.1016/j.pcad.2024.01.016. Online ahead of print.


Personalized medicine has witnessed remarkable progress with the emergence of RNA therapy, offering new possibilities for the treatment of various diseases, and in particular in the context of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The ability to target the human genome through RNA manipulation offers great potential not only in the treatment of cardiac pathologies but also in their diagnosis and prevention, notably in cases of hyperlipidemia and myocardial infarctions. While only a few RNA-based treatments have entered clinical trials or obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, the growing body of research on this subject is promising. However, the development of RNA therapies faces several challenges that must be overcome. These include the efficient delivery of drugs into cells, the potential for immunogenic responses, and safety. Resolving these obstacles is crucial to advance the development of RNA therapies. This review explores the newest developments in medical studies, treatment plans, and results related to RNA therapies for heart disease. Furthermore, it discusses the exciting possibilities and difficulties in this innovative area of research.

Keywords: Cardiovascular diseases; Personalized medicine,; RNA.

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  • Review