Retrospective Analysis of Patients Diagnosed with Brain Death in Our Hospital in the Last 15 Years

Sisli Etfal Hastan Tip Bul. 2023 Dec 29;57(4):526-530. doi: 10.14744/SEMB.2023.65928. eCollection 2023.


Objectives: Retrospective analysis of cases diagnosed with brain death in our hospital in the last 15 years.

Methods: The files and computer records of the cases diagnosed with brain death in the intensive care units of our hospital between January 2008 and January 2023 were evaluated retrospectively. The demographic data of the cases, the primary disease leading to brain death, the complementary tests used in the diagnosis of brain death, the day on which brain death was diagnosed in the intensive care unit, and the donor status were examined.

Results: A total of 228 cases diagnosed as brain death were detected. Seven patients with missing data were excluded from the study. 61.99% of the cases were male, 38.01% were female, 14.02% were under 18 years old, 68.34% were between 18 and 65 years old, 17.64% were over 65 years old. Brain death was diagnosed in 69.69% of the patients admitted to the intensive care unit in the first 7 days, 22.17% in 7-14 days, and 8.14% after 14 days. The primary disease causing brain death was found to be 47% hemorrhagic cerebral injury, 21% traumatic hemorrhagic injury, 18% ischemic cerebral injury, and 14% hypoxic cerebral injury. No ancillary testing was used in 38% of the cases. Carotid doppler ultrasound was used in 36%, computed tomography angiography was used in 22%, and transcranialdoppler was used in 4%. Families agreed to be organ transplant donors in 28.95% of the cases. 71.05% family members refused to be organ transplant donors.

Conclusion: The number of organ donations and the diagnosis of brain death has decreased rapidly with the covid-19 pandemic. In order to increase organ donation, we think that the necessary education should be given at an early age to increase organ donation awareness and social awareness.

Keywords: Brain death; computed tomography angiography; organ donation; organ transplantation.