Characterization, modeling, and anticancer activity of L.arginase production from marine Bacillus licheniformis OF2

BMC Biotechnol. 2024 Jan 25;24(1):6. doi: 10.1186/s12896-024-00829-6.


Background: L-arginase, is a powerful anticancer that hydrolyzes L-arginine to L-ornithine and urea. This enzyme is widely distributed and expressed in organisms like plants, fungi, however very scarce from bacteria. Our study is based on isolating, purifying, and screening the marine bacteria that can produce arginase.

Results: The highest arginase producing bacteria will be identified by using microbiological and molecular biology methods as Bacillus licheniformis OF2. Characterization of arginase is the objective of this study. The activity of enzyme was screened, and estimated beside partial sequencing of arginase gene was analyzed. In silico homology modeling was applied to generate the protein's 3D structure, and COACH and COFACTOR were applied to determine the protein's binding sites and biological annotations based on the I-TASSER structure prediction. The purified enzyme was undergone an in vitro anticancer test.

Conclusions: L-arginase demonstrated more strong anti-cancer cells with an IC50 of 21.4 ug/ml in a dose-dependent manner. L-arginase underwent another investigation for its impact on the caspase 7 and BCL2 family of proteins (BCL2, Bax, and Bax/Bcl2). Through cell arrest in the G1/S phase, L-arginase signals the apoptotic cascade, which is supported by a flow cytometry analysis of cell cycle phases.

Keywords: Anti-cancer; Arginase; Bacillus licheniformis OF2; Silico homology.

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