Enantioselective Ir-Catalyzed Allyl Alkylation/Semipinacol Rearrangement

Org Lett. 2024 Feb 16;26(6):1224-1228. doi: 10.1021/acs.orglett.4c00025. Epub 2024 Feb 2.


The semipinacol rearrangement is a powerful and versatile method for constructing all-carbon quaternary stereocenters. The development of catalytic asymmetric semipinacol rearrangements using multifunctionalizable electrophiles remains highly sought-after in organic synthesis. In this study, a catalytic enantioselective allylic cation-induced semipinacol rearrangement reaction was presented that enables the simultaneous construction of two skipped chiral carbon centers. Chiral Ir(I)-(P,olefin) and Sc(OTf)3 catalysts cooperatively initiate the asymmetric allylic alkylation of alkenyl cyclobutanols with allylic alcohols, triggering ring expansion of the cyclobutanol moiety through a stereoselective 1,2-alkyl migration. The reaction afforded a range of cyclopentanones bearing an α-quaternary carbon that is adjacent to a chiral allyl scaffold. The products were applied to synthesize enantioenriched fused tricyclopentanoids bearing four stereogenic carbon centers.