Photocatalytic non-oxidative conversion of methane

Chem Commun (Camb). 2024 Mar 5;60(20):2732-2743. doi: 10.1039/d4cc00235k.


The direct conversion of methane to hydrogen and high-value hydrocarbons under mild conditions is an ideal, carbon-neutral method for utilizing natural gas resources. Compared with traditional high-temperature thermal catalytic methods, using clean light energy to activate inert C-H bonds in methane can not only significantly reduce the reaction temperature and avoid catalyst deactivation, but also surpass the limitations of thermodynamic equilibrium and provide new reaction pathways. This paper provides a comprehensive review of developments in the field of photocatalytic non-oxidative conversion of methane (PNOCM), while also highlighting our contributions, particularly focusing on catalyst design, product selectivity, and the underlying photophysical and chemical mechanisms. The challenges and potential solutions are also evaluated. The goal of this feature article is to establish a foundational understanding and stimulate further research in this emerging area.

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  • Review