Integrating Transformative Considerations and Quantitative Results through a Participant Selection Joint Display in Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Studies

J Mix Methods Res. 2024 Jan;18(1):14-30. doi: 10.1177/15586898221149470. Epub 2022 Dec 27.


Integrating philosophical or paradigmatic dimensions in mixed methods research studies facilitates the development of stronger meta-inferences. The transformative paradigm and the explanatory sequential mixed methods design share a focus on developing sampling criteria, but with different priorities. This article contributes to the field of mixed methods research by presenting a method of integrating transformative sampling considerations in explanatory sequential designs through a participant selection joint display. The approach presented addresses concerns regarding transparency of research decisions in mixed methods studies, while providing a method of centering the transformative paradigm in mixed methods integration procedures.

Keywords: integration; joint display; mixed methods; transformative paradigm.