Induction of an additional floor plate in the neural tube

Acta Morphol Neerl Scand. 1985 Oct;23(2):91-7.


The role of the notochord in the morphogenesis of the neural tube was investigated by implanting a notochord fragment laterally to the neural wall of a 1.5 day chick embryo. Embryos were sacrificed at 4 days. In the basal part of the neural tube an additional floor plate was induced in the vicinity of the implant. This floor plate was characterized by a low proliferative activity, a thin wall, spindle-like nuclei crowded peripherally and some neuroblast-like cells. It was either blending with the natural floor plate or separated from it, depending on the exact position of the implant. In the latter case neuroblasts were observed in between both floor plates. The additional floor plate was present only when the implanted notochord was less than 25 micron apart from the neural tube; at larger distance an increase of the ventral horn neuroblast area could be seen. It is concluded that the implanted notochord is able to induce a floor plate at 1.5 days of incubation. The specific influence of the notochord on the morphogenesis of the neural tube, its inductive period as well as the presence of the neuroblast-like cells in the additional floor plate are discussed.

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