Honeycomb-inspired ZIF-sealed interface enhances osseointegration via anti-infection and osteoimmunomodulation

Biomaterials. 2024 Jun:307:122515. doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2024.122515. Epub 2024 Feb 21.


Implant-associated infections (IAIs) pose a significant threat to orthopedic surgeries. Bacteria colonizing the surface of implants disrupt bone formation-related cells and interfere with the osteoimmune system, resulting in an impaired immune microenvironment and osteogenesis disorders. Inspired by nature, a zeolitic imidazolate framework (ZIF)-sealed smart drug delivery system on Ti substrates (ZSTG) was developed for the "natural-artificial dual-enzyme intervention (NADEI)" strategy to address these challenges. The subtle sealing design of ZIF-8 on the TiO2 nanotubes ensured glucose oxidase (GOx) activity and prevented its premature leakage. In the acidic infection microenvironment, the degradation of ZIF-8 triggered the rapid release of GOx, which converted glucose into H2O2 for disinfection. The Zn2+ released from degraded ZIF-8, as a DNase mimic, can hydrolyze extracellular DNA, which further enhances H2O2-induced disinfection and prevents biofilm formation. Importantly, Zn2+-mediated M2 macrophage polarization significantly improved the impaired osteoimmune microenvironment, accelerating bone repair. Transcriptomics revealed that ZSTG effectively suppressed the inflammatory cascade induced by lipopolysaccharide while promoting cell proliferation, homeostasis maintenance, and bone repair. In vitro and in vivo results confirmed the superior anti-infective, osteoimmunomodulatory, and osteointegrative capacities of the ZSTG-mediated NADEI strategy. Overall, this smart bionic platform has significant potential for future clinical applications to treat IAIs.

Keywords: Anti-infectivity; Implant-associated infections; Osteoinductivity; Surface biomodification.

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