Wolf Creek XVII Part 6: Physiology-Guided CPR

Resusc Plus. 2024 Feb 29:18:100589. doi: 10.1016/j.resplu.2024.100589. eCollection 2024 Jun.


Introduction: Physiology-guided cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) offers the potential to optimize resuscitation and enable early prognosis.

Methods: Physiology-Guided CPR was one of six focus topic for the Wolf Creek XVII Conference held on June 14-17, 2023 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. International thought leaders and scientists in the field of cardiac arrest resuscitation from academia and industry were invited. Participants submitted via online survey knowledge gaps, barriers to translation and research priorities for each focus topic. Expert panels used the survey results and their own perspectives and insights to create and present a preliminary unranked list for each category, which was then debated, revised and ranked by all attendees to identify the top 5 for each category.

Results: Top knowledge gaps include identifying optimal strategies for the evaluation of physiology-guided CPR and the optimal values for existing patients using patient outcomes. The main barriers to translation are the limited usability outside of critical care environments and the training and equipment required for monitoring. The top research priorities are the development of clinically feasible and reliable methods to continuously and non-invasively monitor physiology during CPR and prospective human studies proving targeting parameters during CPR improves outcomes.

Conclusion: Physiology-guided CPR has the potential to provide individualized resuscitation and move away from a one-size-fits-all approach. Current understanding is limited, and clinical trials are lacking. Future developments need to consider the clinical application and applicability of measurement to all healthcare settings. Therefore, clinical trials using physiology-guided CPR for individualisation of resuscitation efforts are needed.

Keywords: Heart arrest; Physiology-guided CPR; Resuscitation.

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