Late cardiotoxicity related to HER2-targeted cancer therapy

Cardiooncology. 2024 Mar 8;10(1):14. doi: 10.1186/s40959-024-00215-3.


Long-term anti-HER2 therapy in metastatic HER2 + cancers is increasing, but data about the incidence and risk factors for developing late Cancer therapy-related cardiac dysfunction (CTRCD) are missing. We conducted a single-centre, retrospective analysis of a cohort of late anti-HER2 related cardiac dysfunction referred to our Cardio-Oncology service. We include seventeen patients with metastatic disease who developed CTRCD after at least five years of continuous anti-HER2 therapy. Events occurred after a median time of 6.5 years (IQR 5.3-9.0) on anti-HER2 therapy. The lowest (median) LVEF and GLS were 49% (IQR 45-55) and - 15.4% (IQR - 14.9 - -16.3) respectively. All our patients continued or restarted, after a brief interruption, their anti-HER2 therapy. Most (16/17) were started on heart failure medical therapy and normalized their left ventricular ejection fraction at a follow-up. Our study has demonstrated that CTRCD can occur after many years of stability on anti-HER2 therapy and reinforces the importance of continuing cardiovascular surveillance in this population.

Keywords: Breast cancer; Cardio-oncology; Cardiotoxicity; HER2-targeted therapy; Left ventricular dysfunction.

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