First Case of Debilitating Lower Back Pain Induced by Severe Inflammation of Lumbar Joints, Healed by Intravenous Infusions of Purified Amniotic Fluid

Ann Case Rep. 2023;8(6):1509. doi: 10.29011/2574-7754.101509. Epub 2023 Nov 14.


We report the first case of debilitating lower back pain induced by spondylitis with end plate inflammation of the lumbar spine, treated successfully by bi-weekly intravenous injections of a sterile fraction (1ml) from human purified amniotic fluid (ViX001) obtained from thoroughly screened volunteers at the time of planned c-section at the term of normal pregnancies. Our product ViX001 was generated through a proprietary process and kept in frozen one milliliter (1 ml) cryvials (protein content was ~1mg/ml) and thawed just prior to injections. Pain improvement was recorded weekly, and inflammation suppression was confirmed by monthly MRIs of the lumbar spine. While our findings need to be reproduced with a larger cohort of patients, it is instructive that ViX001 resolved pain and inflammation for a patient with severe lower back pain, the most common form of pain reported by U.S. adults.

Keywords: Back Pain; Exosomes; Extracellular Vesicles; Healing; Immunity; Inflammation; Perinatal Products; Purified Amniotic Fluid; Regenerative Medicine; Spine; Tissue Repair; Vertebral Disc.