Individual wearable air purifier protects against pollen, house dust mite, and cat allergens: Report from an allergen exposure chamber

Allergol Select. 2024 Mar 21:8:70-77. doi: 10.5414/ALX02473E. eCollection 2024.


Purpose: Evaluation of a new individual wearable air purifier (Respiray Wear A+) for birch pollen, house dust mite (HDM), and cat-allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (ARC) patients in a standardized allergen exposure chamber (AEC).

Materials and methods: Eligible allergic patients were exposed to birch pollen, HDM raw material, and cat allergen in an AEC for 60 minutes without (V1) and with (V3) the use of the Respiray device. Nasal, ocular, bronchial, and other symptoms were rated by the patients every 10 minutes, and their wellbeing, peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF), and lung function parameters were assessed every 30 minutes. The primary endpoint was the change in the median of the total symptom score (TSS) at V3 compared to V1 at 60 minutes of exposure. The secondary endpoints consisted of the total nasal symptom score (TNSS) and total eye symptom score (TESS).

Results: 23 patients with birch pollen allergy, 37 patients with HDM allergy, and 41 patients with cat allergy were included in the analysis. Significant reduced symptom scores of ~ 49% were observed when using Respiray Wea A+ under birch pollen exposure (p < 0.05) in the primary endpoint TSS (V3 2.43 compared to V1 4.78). An 48% reduction of symptoms was seen in TSS in case of HDM exposure (V3 3.59; V1 6.92, (t-test: p < 0.01)) and the highest reduction of TSS (60%) under Respiray A+ using cat allergens (V3 2.95, V1 7.44, (t-test p < 0.01) after 60 minutes of exposure. The personal wellbeing revealed clinically meaningful improvements over time in all three studies which manifested in a lower symptom increase during the final allergen exposures.

Conclusion: The individual wearable air purifier Respiray Wear A+ protects significantly against airborne pollen, HDM, and cat allergens and may be a very useful device for avoiding indoor allergens in a new way.

Keywords: air purifier; allergen avoidance; birch pollen; cat allergens; house dust mite allergens; wearable device.