Genetic-algorithm-based waveguide display system with a multiplexed volume holographic grating

Appl Opt. 2024 Mar 10;63(8):2070-2077. doi: 10.1364/AO.515405.


Most of the current holographic waveguide display systems are designed based on the center beam. When the incident beam consists of rays with different angles, the field of view and optical efficiency would greatly reduce. The heavy angular dependence of the volume holographic grating (VHG) and the back-coupling loss are two main reasons. This paper proposes a design method of the waveguide display system with multiplexed VHG, which is based on a genetic algorithm to optimize and calculate the parameters both of the VHG and the waveguide. The simulation results show that the diagonal field of view of the holographic waveguide system is increased to 28°, and its optical efficiency is improved by 30%. The design method of the waveguide system with the multiplexed grating proposed in this paper can effectively expand the field of view and improve the optical efficiency.