Intramural pregnancy at 6 and 8 weeks gestation with no predisposing factors: As two uncommon case reports

Radiol Case Rep. 2024 Mar 26;19(6):2390-2394. doi: 10.1016/j.radcr.2024.02.092. eCollection 2024 Jun.


Ectopic pregnancies are extremely rare causing severe consequences such as uterine rupture and may lead to death. The clinical symptomatology is very atypical, essentially pelvic pain and metrorrhagia, for this reason, a misdiagnosis can be fatal. Here we report two cases of an intramural pregnancy in a 33-year-old primigravida at 6 weeks gestation after a medically assisted reproduction and a 26-year-old primigravida at 8 weeks gestation with no predisposing factors, making the diagnosis more challenging.

Keywords: Ectopic pregnancy; Intramural pregnancy; Laparotomy; Metrorrhagia; Pelvic MRI; Pelvic ultrasound.

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  • Case Reports