Relationship of mTORC1 and ferroptosis in tumors

Discov Oncol. 2024 Apr 7;15(1):107. doi: 10.1007/s12672-024-00954-w.


Ferroptosis is a novel form of programmed death, dependent on iron ions and oxidative stress, with a predominant intracellular form of lipid peroxidation. In recent years, ferroptosis has gained more and more interest of people in the treatment mechanism of targeted tumors. mTOR, always overexpressed in the tumor, and controlling cell growth and metabolic activities, has an important role in both autophagy and ferroptosis. Interestingly, the selective types of autophay plays an important role in promoting ferroptosis, which is related to mTOR and some metabolic pathways (especially in iron and amino acids). In this paper, we list the main mechanisms linking ferroptosis with mTOR signaling pathway and further summarize the current compounds targeting ferroptosis in these ways. There are growing experimental evidences that targeting mTOR and ferroptosis may have effective impact in many tumors, and understanding the mechanisms linking mTOR to ferroptosis could provide a potential therapeutic approach for tumor treatment.

Keywords: AMPK; Autophagy; Ferroptosis; GPX4; Tumors; mTOR.

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  • Review