St. Jude Survivorship Portal: sharing and analyzing large clinical and genomic datasets from pediatric cancer survivors

Cancer Discov. 2024 Apr 9. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-23-1441. Online ahead of print.


Childhood cancer survivorship studies generate comprehensive datasets comprising demographic, diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and genomic data from survivors. To broadly share this data, we created the St. Jude Survivorship Portal (, the first data portal for sharing, analyzing, and visualizing pediatric cancer survivorship data. Over 1,600 phenotypic variables and 400 million genetic variants from over 7,700 childhood cancer survivors can be explored on this free, open-access portal. Summary statistics of variables are computed on-the-fly and visualized through interactive and customizable charts. Survivor cohorts can be customized and/or divided into groups for comparative analysis. Users can also seamlessly perform cumulative incidence and regression analyses on the stored survivorship data. Using the portal, we explored the ototoxic effects of platinum-based chemotherapy, uncovered a novel association between mental health, age, and limb amputation, and discovered a novel haplotype in MAGI3 strongly associated with cardiomyopathy specifically in survivors of African ancestry.