Laue microdiffraction on polycrystalline samples above 1500 K achieved with the QMAX-µLaue furnace

J Appl Crystallogr. 2024 Mar 31;57(Pt 2):470-480. doi: 10.1107/S1600576724001821. eCollection 2024 Apr 1.


X-ray Laue microdiffraction aims to characterize microstructural and mechanical fields in polycrystalline specimens at the sub-micrometre scale with a strain resolution of ∼10-4. Here, a new and unique Laue microdiffraction setup and alignment procedure is presented, allowing measurements at temperatures as high as 1500 K, with the objective to extend the technique for the study of crystalline phase transitions and associated strain-field evolution that occur at high temperatures. A method is provided to measure the real temperature encountered by the specimen, which can be critical for precise phase-transition studies, as well as a strategy to calibrate the setup geometry to account for the sample and furnace dilation using a standard α-alumina single crystal. A first application to phase transitions in a polycrystalline specimen of pure zirconia is provided as an illustrative example.

Keywords: Laue microdiffraction; QMAX furnace; high temperatures; microstructure; phase transitions; polycrystalline materials; strain fields.

Grants and funding

This work was performed within the framework of the HoTMiX research programme funded by the agencies ANR (France) and DFG (Germany) under grant No. ANR-09-CE09-0035.