The Role of Non-penetrative Partnered Sex Activities in the Associations Among Erectile Difficulties, Sex and Relationship Satisfaction in Men Aged 50

Int J Sex Health. 2023 Feb 10;35(1):30-40. doi: 10.1080/19317611.2023.2169850. eCollection 2023.


Objectives: This study examined the associations among erectile difficulties, sexual satisfaction, and relationship satisfaction, and whether there is a buffering effect of non-penetrative partnered sex on relationship satisfaction in men aged 50+ who report erectile difficulties.

Methods: An analysis of survey data from 431 Czech men (aged 50-96, Mdn = 64).

Results: Engagement in non-penetrative partnered sex did not moderate the relationship between erectile difficulties and sexual and relationship satisfaction, but it was linked to higher sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Conclusions: The buffering effect of non-penetrative practices for the link between erectile difficulties and relationship satisfaction has not been supported.

Keywords: Aging; erectile difficulties; relationship satisfaction; sexual health.

Grants and funding

This study was funded by the Czech Science Foundation [GA20-25752S]; and by the International Visegrad Fund Scholarship [52110377].