Reflections on Several Landmark Advances in Circadian Biology

J Circadian Rhythms. 2024 Apr 1:22:1. doi: 10.5334/jcr.236. eCollection 2024.


Circadian Biology intersects with diverse scientific domains, intricately woven into the fabric of organismal physiology and behavior. The rhythmic orchestration of life by the circadian clock serves as a focal point for researchers across disciplines. This retrospective examination delves into several of the scientific milestones that have fundamentally shaped our contemporary understanding of circadian rhythms. From deciphering the complexities of clock genes at a cellular level to exploring the nuances of coupled oscillators in whole organism responses to stimuli. The field has undergone significant evolution lately guided by genetics approaches. Our exploration here considers key moments in the circadian-research landscape, elucidating the trajectory of this discipline with a keen eye on scientific advancements and paradigm shifts.

Keywords: Chronotherapy; Circadian; Clock genes; Coupled oscillator; Crop plants; Entrainment; Food-entrainable oscillator; Luciferase; Master Clock; Metabolic oscillator; Photoperiod; Retina.

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  • Review