Single-cell transcriptional landscapes of bovine peri-implantation development

iScience. 2024 Mar 27;27(4):109605. doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2024.109605. eCollection 2024 Apr 19.


Supporting healthy pregnancy outcomes requires a comprehensive understanding of the molecular and cellular programs of peri-implantation development, when most pregnancy failure occurs. Here, we present single-cell transcriptomes of bovine peri-implantation embryo development at day 12, 14, 16, and 18 post-fertilization. We defined the cellular composition and gene expression of embryonic disc, hypoblast, and trophoblast lineages in bovine peri-implantation embryos, and identified markers and pathway signaling that represent distinct stages of bovine peri-implantation lineages; the expression of selected markers was validated in peri-implantation embryos. Using detailed time-course transcriptomic analyses, we revealed a previously unrecognized primitive trophoblast cell lineage. We also characterized conserved and divergence peri-implantation lineage programs between bovine and other mammalian species. Finally, we established cell-cell communication signaling underlies embryonic and extraembryonic cell interaction to ensure proper early development. These data provide foundational information to discover essential biological signaling underpinning bovine peri-implantation development.

Keywords: Dairy cattle embryology; Embryology; Expression study; Transcriptomics.