Open and closed microfluidics for biosensing

Mater Today Bio. 2024 Apr 4:26:101048. doi: 10.1016/j.mtbio.2024.101048. eCollection 2024 Jun.


Biosensing is vital for many areas like disease diagnosis, infectious disease prevention, and point-of-care monitoring. Microfluidics has been evidenced to be a powerful tool for biosensing via integrating biological detection processes into a palm-size chip. Based on the chip structure, microfluidics has two subdivision types: open microfluidics and closed microfluidics, whose operation methods would be diverse. In this review, we summarize fundamentals, liquid control methods, and applications of open and closed microfluidics separately, point out the bottlenecks, and propose potential directions of microfluidics-based biosensing.

Keywords: Biosensing; Closed microfluidics; Immunoassay; Nucleic acid detection; Open microfluidics.

Publication types

  • Review