A review of animal models utilized in preclinical studies of approved gene therapy products: trends and insights

Lab Anim Res. 2024 Apr 22;40(1):17. doi: 10.1186/s42826-024-00195-6.


Scientific progress heavily relies on rigorous research, adherence to scientific standards, and transparent reporting. Animal models play a crucial role in advancing biomedical research, especially in the field of gene therapy. Animal models are vital tools in preclinical research, allowing scientists to predict outcomes and understand complex biological processes. The selection of appropriate animal models is critical, considering factors such as physiological and pathophysiological similarities, availability, and ethical considerations. Animal models continue to be indispensable tools in preclinical gene therapy research. Advancements in genetic engineering and model selection have improved the fidelity and relevance of these models. As gene therapy research progresses, careful consideration of animal models and transparent reporting will contribute to the development of effective therapies for various genetic disorders and diseases. This comprehensive review explores the use of animal models in preclinical gene therapy studies for approved products up to September 2023. The study encompasses 47 approved gene therapy products, with a focus on preclinical trials. This comprehensive analysis serves as a valuable reference for researchers in the gene therapy field, aiding in the selection of suitable animal models for their preclinical investigations.

Keywords: Animal model; Gene therapy; Preclinical study; Trends.

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  • Review