Functionalized DNA Origami-Enabled Detection of Biomarkers

Chembiochem. 2024 May 3:e202400227. doi: 10.1002/cbic.202400227. Online ahead of print.


Biomarkers are crucial physiological and pathological indicators in the host. Over the years, numerous detection methods have been developed for biomarkers, given their significant potential in various biological and biomedical applications. Among these, the detection system based on functionalized DNA origami has emerged as a promising approach due to its precise control over sensing modules, enabling sensitive, specific, and programmable biomarker detection. We summarize the advancements in biomarker detection using functionalized DNA origami, focusing on strategies for DNA origami functionalization, mechanisms of biomarker recognition, and applications in disease diagnosis and monitoring. These applications are organized into sections based on the type of biomarkers - nucleic acids, proteins, small molecules, and ions - and concludes with a discussion on the advantages and challenges associated with using functionalized DNA origami systems for biomarker detection.

Keywords: DNA self-assembly; biomarker detection; diagnostics; functionalized DNA origami.

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  • Review