Defects and Defect Passivation in Perovskite Solar Cells

Molecules. 2024 May 2;29(9):2104. doi: 10.3390/molecules29092104.


Perovskite solar cells have made significant strides in recent years. However, there are still challenges in terms of photoelectric conversion efficiency and long-term stability associated with perovskite solar cells. The presence of defects in perovskite materials is one of the important influencing factors leading to subpar film quality. Adopting additives to passivate defects within perovskite materials is an effective approach. Therefore, we first discuss the types of defects that occur in perovskite materials and the mechanisms of their effect on performance. Then, several types of additives used in perovskite solar cells are discussed, including ionic compounds, organic molecules, polymers, etc. This review provides guidance for the future development of more sustainable and effective additives to improve the performance of solar cells.

Keywords: defect passivation; ionic compounds; organic molecules; perovskite solar cells.

Publication types

  • Review