Temporal dynamics of in vitro hemostatic function in platelets cryopreserved using a novel approach for rapid issuance

Transfusion. 2024 Jul;64(7):1287-1295. doi: 10.1111/trf.17871. Epub 2024 May 16.


Background: Current procedures for thawing and issuing of cryopreserved platelets (CPPs) are laborious and have remained challenging in emergency settings such as blood banks and military operations. In this prospective study, a novel processing method designed to facilitate the rapid issuance of CPPs with no postthaw handling required was developed and functionally characterized in parallel with standard CPPs manufactured.

Study design and methods: Double-dose plateletpheresis units (n = 42) were cryopreserved at -80°C in 5%-6% dimethyl sulfoxide to produce matched pairs thawed successively over a 27-month period for comparison between two processing arms. In contrast to the standard CPPs manufactured as standalone units, platelets were frozen in tandem with resuspending plasma in a distinct partition as a single unit in the novel method, herein referred to as tandem CPPs. Postthaw (PT) CPPs from both arms were assessed at PT0-, 12-, and 24-h to measure platelet recovery, R-time (time to clot initiation; min), and maximum amplitude (MA; clot strength; mm) using thromboelastography.

Results: In the overall dataset, mean platelet recovery was higher (p < .0005) for tandem CPPs (83.9%) compared with standard CPPs (73.3%) at PT0; mean R-times were faster (p < .0005) for tandem CPPs (2.5-3.6 min) compared with standard CPPs (3.0-3.8 min); mean MA was higher for tandem CPPs (57.8-59.5 mm) compared with standard CPPs (52.1-55.8 mm) at each postthaw time point (p < .05).

Conclusion: Robust temporal dynamics of superior hemostatic functionality were established for tandem CPPs over extended cryopreservation up to 27 months and 24 h of postthaw storage.

Keywords: clot strength; clotting time; cryopreserved platelets; hemostatic potential; platelet recovery; tandem CPP; thromboelastography.

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