An Innocuous-Looking Abdominal Wall Swelling in an Endometrial Cancer Survivor

J Midlife Health. 2024 Jan-Mar;15(1):29-31. doi: 10.4103/jmh.jmh_118_23. Epub 2024 Apr 4.


This case report describes a rare example of a solitary abdominal wall metastasis in a middle-aged endometrial cancer (EC) survivor 3 years following disease-free status. Following induction chemotherapy, she had a margin-negative surgical excision of the abdominal tumor. Surprisingly, the patient has been disease-free for more than 3 years after the operation. This emphasizes the necessity of addressing single metastasis amenable to surgical resection, as well as the need for diligent monitoring to discover recurrences sooner. Understanding rare locations of recurrence, such as the abdominal wall, is critical for optimum EC therapy and care. The data given in this article adds to the existing body of information on atypical presentations and recurrent EC therapy. Additional research is required to develop evidence-based guidance.

Keywords: Abdominal wall tumor; endometrial cancer; metastasectomy; oligometastasis; survival.

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  • Case Reports