Mapping the vast landscape of multisystem complications of COVID-19: Bibliometric analysis

Heliyon. 2024 May 4;10(9):e30760. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2024.e30760. eCollection 2024 May 15.


Background: With the rapid global spread of COVID-19, it has become evident that the virus can lead to multisystem complications, leading to a significant increase in related publications. Bibliometrics serves as a valuable tool for identifying highly cited literature and research hotspots within specific areas.

Objective: The aim of this study is to identify current research hotspots and future trends in COVID-19 complications.

Methods: The dataset was obtained from the Web of Science Core Collection, covering COVID-19 complications from December 8, 2019, to October 31, 2022. Various aspects, including publication general information, authors, journals, co-cited authors, co-cited references, research hotspots, and future trends, were subjected to analysis. Visual analysis was conducted using VOSviewer, The Online Analysis Platform of Literature Metrology, and Charticulator.

Results: There were 4597 articles in the study. The top three countries with the most published articles are the USA (n = 1350, 29.4 %), China (n = 765, 16.6 %), and Italy (n = 623, 13.6 %). USA and China have the closest collaborative relationship. The institute with the largest number of publications is Huazhong University of Science and Technology, followed by Harvard Medical School. Nevertheless, half of the top 10 institutes belong to the USA. "Rezaei, Nima" published 13 articles and ranked first, followed by "Yaghi, Shadi" with 12 articles and "Frontera, Jennifer" with 12 articles. The journal with the largest number of publications is "Journal of Clinical Medicine". The top 3 co-cited authors are "Zhou, Fei", "Guan, Wei-Jie", "Huang, Chaolin". The top 3 co-cited references addressed COVID-19's clinical features in China and noticed that COVID-19 patients had a wide range of complications. We also list four research hotspots.

Conclusions: This study conducted a bibliometric visual analysis of the literature on COVID-19 complications and summarized the current research hotspots. This study may provide valuable insights into the complications of COVID-19.

Keywords: ACE2; Bibliometrics; COVID-19; Complications; VOSviewer.