Acoustofluidic manipulation for submicron to nanoparticles

Electrophoresis. 2024 May 25. doi: 10.1002/elps.202400062. Online ahead of print.


Particles, ranging from submicron to nanometer scale, can be broadly categorized into biological and non-biological types. Submicron-to-nanoscale bioparticles include various bacteria, viruses, liposomes, and exosomes. Non-biological particles cover various inorganic, metallic, and carbon-based particles. The effective manipulation of these submicron to nanoparticles, including their separation, sorting, enrichment, assembly, trapping, and transport, is a fundamental requirement for different applications. Acoustofluidics, owing to their distinct advantages, have emerged as a potent tool for nanoparticle manipulation over the past decade. Although recent literature reviews have encapsulated the evolution of acoustofluidic technology, there is a paucity of reports specifically addressing the acoustical manipulation of submicron to nanoparticles. This article endeavors to provide a comprehensive study of this topic, delving into the principles, apparatus, and merits of acoustofluidic manipulation of submicron to nanoparticles, and discussing the state-of-the-art developments in this technology. The discourse commences with an introduction to the fundamental theory of acoustofluidic control and the forces involved in nanoparticle manipulation. Subsequently, the working mechanism of acoustofluidic manipulation of submicron to nanoparticles is dissected into two parts, dominated by the acoustic wave field and the acoustic streaming field. A critical analysis of the advantages and limitations of different acoustofluidic platforms in nanoparticles control is presented. The article concludes with a summary of the challenges acoustofluidics face in the realm of nanoparticle manipulation and analysis, and a forecast of future development prospects.

Keywords: acoustic streaming field; acoustic wave field; acoustofluidic manipulation; submicron to nanoparticles.

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  • Review