Anisotropic 2D van der Waals Magnets Hosting 1D Spin Chains

Adv Mater. 2024 May 25:e2401534. doi: 10.1002/adma.202401534. Online ahead of print.
[Article in Dutch]


The exploration of 1D magnetism, frequently portrayed as spin chains, constitutes an actively pursued research field that illuminates fundamental principles in many-body problems and applications in magnonics and spintronics. The inherent reduction in dimensionality often leads to robust spin fluctuations, impacting magnetic ordering and resulting in novel magnetic phenomena. Here, structural, magnetic, and optical properties of highly anisotropic 2D van der Waals antiferromagnets that uniquely host spin chains are explored. First-principle calculations reveal that the weakest interaction is interchain, leading to essentially 1D magnetic behavior in each layer. With the additional degree of freedom arising from its anisotropic structure, the structure is engineered by alloying, varying the 1D spin chain lengths using electron beam irradiation, or twisting for localized patterning, and spin textures are calculated, predicting robust stability of the antiferromagnetic ordering. Comparing with other spin chain magnets, these materials are anticipated to bring fresh perspectives on harvesting low-dimensional magnetism.

Keywords: 1D magnetism; 2D magnets; 2D materials; scanning transmission electron microscopy.

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