Sodium alginate based adsorbent: Facile fabrication, extraordinary removal efficacy of anionic dyes and adsorption mechanism

Int J Biol Macromol. 2024 Jun;272(Pt 1):132842. doi: 10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2024.132842. Epub 2024 Jun 1.


Eco-friendly and renewable sodium alginate, as a potential alternative to fossil resources, has attracted considerable attention in wastewater treatment field. Herein, we develop a SA/PEI/PEG (sodium alginate/polyethyleneimine/polyethylene glycol diglycidyl ether) adsorbent in which SA was functionalized by PEI/PEG via a facile but effective strategy of one-pot gelation of aqueous SA/PEI/PEG solution. Systematic investigations were accomplished to explore the effects of adsorbent factors on the adsorption performances of the adsorbent towards the anionic dyes CR (congo red), AB-10B (amido black-10B), and AB-25 (acid blue-25). Strikingly, the SA/PEI/PEG exhibited exceptional adsorption performance to CR (2782 mg g-1, 90.6 %), AB-10B (1369 mg g-1, 90.9 %) and AB-25 (4221 mg g-1, 92.6 %) at 30 °C, pH = 3, 200 r min-1 and oscillated 24 h, and demonstrating exceptional reusability after six cycles of adsorption-desorption cycles. Furthermore, the three kinetic, four isothermic and one thermodynamic models were used to investigate the adsorption behaviors of the adsorbent towards these dyes. The possible adsorption mechanism is suggested: Hydrogen bond interactions and electrostatic attractions between SA/PEI/PEG and the dyes primarily contribute to exceptional adsorption capacity. The SA/PEI/PEG adsorbent endowed with easy fabrication, extraordinary adsorption capacity and excellent reusability promises potential application prospects in wastewater purification industry.

Keywords: Extraordinary adsorption capacity; Formation mechanism; Sodium alginate adsorbent.

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  • Alginates
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