Fuzzy-Based Bioengineering System for Predicting and Diagnosing Diseases of the Nervous System Triggered by the Interaction of Industrial Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Crit Rev Biomed Eng. 2024;52(5):1-16. doi: 10.1615/CritRevBiomedEng.2024053240.


The study aims to enhance the standard of medical care for individuals working in the electric power industry who are exposed to industrial frequency electromagnetic fields and other relevant risk factors. This enhancement is sought through the integration of fuzzy mathematical models with contemporary information and intellectual technologies. The study addresses the challenges of forecasting and diagnosing illnesses within a specific demographic characterized by a combination of poorly formalized issues with interconnected conditions. To tackle this complexity, a methodological framework was developed for synthesizing hybrid fuzzy decision rules. This approach combines clinical expertise with artificial intelligence methodologies to promote innovative problem-solving strategies. Additionally, the researchers devised an original method to evaluate the body's protective capacity, which was integrated into these decision rules to enhance the precision and efficacy of medical decision-making processes. The research findings indicate that industrial frequency electromagnetic fields contribute to illnesses of societal significance. Additionally, it highlights that these effects are worsened by other risk factors such as adverse microclimates, noise, vibration, chemical exposure, and psychological stress. Diseases of the neurological, immunological, cardiovascular, genitourinary, respiratory, and digestive systems are caused by these variables in conjunction with unique physical traits. The development of mathematical models in this study makes it possible to detect and diagnose disorders in workers exposed to electromagnetic fields early on, especially those pertaining to the autonomic nervous system and heart rhythm regulation. The results can be used in clinical practice to treat personnel in the electric power industry since expert evaluation and modeling showed high confidence levels in decision-making accuracy.

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