The solution structure of a B-DNA undecamer comprising a portion of the specific target site for the cAMP receptor protein in the gal operon. Refinement on the basis of interproton distance data

EMBO J. 1985 Mar;4(3):829-35.


A restrained least squares refinement of the solution structure of the double-stranded DNA undecamer 5'd(AAGTGT-GACAT).5'd(ATGTCACACTT) comprising a portion of the specific target site of the cAMP receptor protein in the gal operon is presented. The structure is refined on the basis of both distance and planarity restraints, 2331 in all. The distance restraints comprise 150 interproton distances determined from pre-steady state nuclear Overhauser enhancement measurements and 2159 other interatomic distances derived from idealized geometry (i.e., distances between covalently bonded atoms, between atoms defining fixed bond angles, and between atoms defining hydrogen bonding in AT and GC base pairs). Two refinements were carried out and in both cases the final RMS difference between the experimental and calculated interproton distances was 0.2 A. The difference between the two refined structures is small (overall RMS difference of 0.23 A) and represents the error in the refined coordinates. Although the refined structures have an overall B-type conformation there are large variations in many of the local conformational parameters including backbone and glycosidic bond torsion angles, helical twist and propellor twist, base roll and base tilt angles.

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  • DNA, Bacterial
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