Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Clinical Manifestations of Atopic Dermatitis

Arch Intern Med Res. 2024;7(2):114-133. doi: 10.26502/aimr.0170. Epub 2024 Jun 4.


Atopic dermatitis is a heterogenous inflammatory skin illness that may last for long time and affect people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. The condition primarily appears in infants and young children. There are people living with atopic dermatitis in every country and every ethnic group, although the frequency of the disease varies greatly. Due to the varied clinical presentations that atopic dermatitis can have, it can be challenging to characterize and diagnose the disease, particularly in adults. Nevertheless, there exists a dearth of information pertaining to the various presentations of atopic dermatitis among individuals from diverse racial and cultural groups. This critical review article offers a succinct and comprehensive overview of the current findings on the epidemiology of atopic dermatitis with regards to ethnic and racial disparities. The findings hold potential significance in advancing the development of targeted treatments for personalized medicine approaches and enhancing the quality of life for patients with atopy.

Keywords: Allergies; Atopic dermatitis; Atopic eczema; Atopy; Erythema; Ethnicity; Filaggrin; Lichenification.