Hypergastrinemia and achlorhydria in chronic renal failure

Nephron. 1985;40(2):143-8. doi: 10.1159/000183450.


In 68 patients with chronic renal failure (CRF), 15 patients with duodenal ulcer and 15 normal subjects, basal plasma gastrin levels and basal and stimulated gastric acid secretion were measured. Two antisera were used: antiserum R2702 with specificity for human G34 and its N-terminal fragments [G34] and antiserum 2604 with specificity for the four main components of gastrin (total gastrin). Basal gastrin concentrations of both total gastrin and G34-like immunoreactivity (G34LI) were significantly higher in the CRF patients than in the other two groups, irrespective of dialysis. Total gastrin levels were not correlated with serum creatinine levels. Total gastrin levels were significantly decreased during hemodialysis, but G34LI levels showed no significant change. A small amount of total gastrin was detected in the dialysate by antiserum 2604. As to the postprandial gastrin release, in the first 30 min, the pattern of response in the patients with CRF was similar to that of the normal subjects, but the peak value was attained later, and the response was more rather prolonged. Gastric analysis showed a low basal acid out put and impaired acid secretion in response to secretagogue. It is concluded that (1) one of the predominant circulating forms of gastrin in CRF is G34LI, and (2) the hypergastrinemia in the CRF patients is probably due to reduced removal of gastrin by kidneys, increased gastrin production by impairment of the negative acid feedback mechanism induced by parietal cell dysfunction or reduced parietal cell sensitivity to gastrin by atrophic gastritis.

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