Decreased susceptibility to the mammary tumour agent in mice with advancing age

Int J Cancer. 1966 Sep 15;1(5):409-17. doi: 10.1002/ijc.2910010503.


PIP: In mice, susceptibility to the mammary tumor agent (Bittner virus) decreases with advancing age. With the newly developed technique of transplantation of the mammary gland and of complete extirpation of all mammary glands, the role of the host and of the mammary gland with regard to the decreased susceptibility towards the mammary tumor agent was investigated. The experiments were done with female hybrids (female 020 x male DBAf)F1. The susceptibility to the mammary tumor agent was determined by the percentage of mammary tumors which appeared in the transplanted glands. Comparison was made between the tumor incidence in young mammary glands transplanted into both young and old hosts and in old mammary glands transplanted into young and old hosts. Both the age of the host and the age of the mammary gland are determining factors in the development of mammary tumors. With advancing age of the host and advancing age of the mammary gland, tumor incidence in the mammary gland decreases and the induction time is longer under otherwise equal conditions. (author's)

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