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. 1971 May;215(1):269-82.
doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.1971.sp009468.

The Effect of Angiotensin on Cation Transport by Rat Kidney Cortex Slices

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The Effect of Angiotensin on Cation Transport by Rat Kidney Cortex Slices

K A Munday et al. J Physiol. .
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1. A study has been made of the effect of angiotensin (10(-12) g/ml.) on active and passive transport of sodium, potassium and water between rat kidney cortex slices and the incubation medium.2. Angiotensin has no effect on the passive uptake of sodium and loss of potassium by slices incubated under conditions which inhibit active transport.3. Active sodium extrusion by slices incubated under aerobic conditions is stimulated, whereas active potassium uptake is inhibited by angiotensin.4. Sodium pump activity is stimulated by angiotensin in the presence of ouabain or in the absence of potassium in the incubation medium, conditions which block the sodium for potassium exchange pump.5. There is a 2 min latent period following the application of angiotensin before a response is observed.6. These findings are discussed in relation to the mechanism of action of angiotensin on kidney sodium and fluid transport processes.

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