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. 1970 Jan;19(1):39-43.

Pathogenicity of Salmonella Gallinarum After Metabolic Injury by Freezing

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Pathogenicity of Salmonella Gallinarum After Metabolic Injury by Freezing

K M Sorrells et al. Appl Microbiol. .
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Freezing (-75 C) and storage (-20 C) of a cell suspension of Salmonella gallinarum resulted in a heterogeneous population of dead, metabolically injured, and unharmed cells. Injured cells constituted as much as 40% of those surviving freezing and storage for 1 day. Replica plating of frozen and thawed cells indicated metabolic injury was repairable and not a stable mutation. Penicillin was used to increase the ratio of injured to uninjured cells from a frozen and thawed cell suspension. Pathogenicity was evaluated by observing per cent mortality after injecting injured or uninjured cells into separate sets of chicks. Mortality differences between wholly uninjured and predominantly injured populations were small and consistent (5% level) with a hypothesis of no difference.

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