Detection of phosphotyrosine-containing proteins in the detergent-insoluble fraction of RSV-transformed fibroblasts by azobenzene phosphonate antibodies

EMBO J. 1984 Mar;3(3):483-9.


The Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) oncogene product pp60src is known to trigger the acquisition of the transformed phenotype by phosphorylating host cell target molecule(s) at tyrosine residues. To identify phosphotyrosine-containing proteins, rabbit antibodies were raised against the synthetic hapten p-azobenzene-phosphonate (ABP) that specifically cross-reacts with phosphorylated tyrosine. By immuno-decoration of proteins extracted from RSV-transformed mouse fibroblasts and transferred to nitrocellulose sheets, phosphoproteins of 130, 70 and 60 kd were identified. These molecules were found to be associated with the cellular fraction insoluble in non-ionic detergent. Moreover, ABP antibodies precipitated detergent-insoluble proteins of 130, 70 and 60 kd, plus two additional components of 85 and 65 kd, that had been phosphorylated in vitro by [gamma-32P]ATP under conditions allowing the kinase reaction catalyzed by pp60src. Phosphoproteins of closely related mol. wts. were immunoprecipitated from RSV-transformed avian fibroblasts. The radioactivity co-migrated with authentic phosphotyrosine in two-dimensional chromatography. The 60-kd protein comigrated with pp60src, while the identity between the 130-kd protein and vinculin was disproved by the lack of cross-reaction with appropriate antisera. In transformed mouse and duck fibroblasts ABP antibodies, employed in indirect immunofluorescence microscopy, stained diffusely the cytoplasm and intensely decorated restricted areas of the ventral cell plasma membrane. These data show that antibodies reacting with phosphotyrosine may be usefully employed in the identification and in the intracellular localization of molecules that are potential targets of the pp60src protein kinase.

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