In vitro experiments on axon guidance demonstrating an anterior-posterior gradient on the tectum

EMBO J. 1982;1(4):427-31.


Axonal growth cones originating from explants of embryonic chick retina were simultaneously exposed to two different cell monolayers and their preference for particular monolayers as a substrate for growth was determined. These experiments show that: (1) nasal retinal axons can distinguish between retinal and tectal cells; (2) temporal retinal axons can distinguish between tectal cells that originated from different positions within the tectum along the antero-posterior axis; (3) axons originating from nasal parts of the retina have different recognizing capabilities from temporal axons; (4) the property of the tectal cells, which is attractive for temporal axons, has a graded distribution along the antero-posterior axis of the tectum; and (5) this gradient also exists in non-innervated tecta.

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