Genetic analysis of temperature-sensitive mutants of HSV-1: the combined use of complementation and physical mapping for cistron assignment

Virology. 1983 Oct 30;130(2):290-305. doi: 10.1016/0042-6822(83)90084-3.


To date, mutations in mutants representing 19 of the 33 recognized HSV-1 complementation groups have been mapped. The physical map locations of mutations in 10 ts mutants of HSV-1 strain KOS representing 8 of the 19 complementation groups are reported herein. The mutations in three mutants were found to lie between coordinates 0.086 and 0.194--two of these were mapped finely to between coordinates 0.095 and 0.108--and in seven mutants, between 0.301 and 0.448. The mutation in 1 of the 10 mutants, tsQ26, was mapped finely to a sequence between 500 and 1000 base pairs to the left of the 3' end of the TK gene (0.301-0.304). The availability of physical mapping data has (1) confirmed the usefulness of the complementation test as a means of identifying viral gene functions, (2) facilitated the rapid assignment of mutants to new and recognized cistrons, and (3) prompted a reevaluation of previously ambiguous complementation for mutants in 2 complementation groups. Thus, the 10 mutants whose ts mutations were mapped in this study had been assigned previously to 8 complementation groups based on the assumption that complementation indices of 2 or greater signified that 2 mutants were in different genes. Combined with physical mapping data, however, the results of complementation tests now indicate that indices between 2 and 10 may reflect either inter- or intragenic complementation. Thus, the 10 mutants have now been assigned to 7 complementation groups. Although physical mapping data have confirmed the results of previous complementation tests for 6 of 8 groups analyzed, reevaluation of complementation data in the light of physical mapping data has resulted in a more precise genetic definition of the locus for viral DNA polymerase and of a locus (represented by mutants in complementation group 1-10) which maps in the left hand portion of UL.

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