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, 11 (11), 3717-36

The Organization of Oligonucleosomes in Yeast

The Organization of Oligonucleosomes in Yeast

C Szent-Gyorgyi et al. Nucleic Acids Res.


We have developed a method of preparing yeast chromatin that facilitates the analysis of nucleoprotein organization. Yeast chromatin, isolated as an insoluble complex, is digested with micrococcal nuclease and fractionated into major insoluble and soluble fractions. No nucleosomal repeat is seen early in digestion for the insoluble fraction. Nucleosomal complexes of the soluble fraction are excised by nuclease in a distinctive non-random pattern; they are markedly depleted in mononucleosomes. When we analyze the soluble material by high resolution native electrophoresis, we find that the nucleoproteins resolve into two bands for each DNA multimer of the nucleosomal repeat. Our results suggest that there are structural similarities between bulk yeast chromatin and chromatin configurations found in transcribing genes of complex eukaryotes.

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