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Clinical Trial
, 174, 593-600

Ganglioside (Cronassial) Therapy in Diabetic Neuropathy

Clinical Trial

Ganglioside (Cronassial) Therapy in Diabetic Neuropathy

S H Horowitz. Adv Exp Med Biol.


Cronassial, a combination of four different cerebral gangliosides, was evaluated in a six month double blind controlled study involving 25 patients with symptomatic diabetic neuropathy (12 receiving Cronassial, 13 receiving placebo). Clinically there was mild but definite improvement in the Cronassial patients. Small increases in sensory conduction velocities in Cronassial patients were also seen; their significance require further clarification. Measurements of neuronal responses du ischemia suggest that Cronassial may enhance anaerobic metabolism.

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