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, 48 (4), 511-4

Age at Menarche in Iceland

Age at Menarche in Iceland

T E Macgússon. Am J Phys Anthropol.


The purpose of this study was to elucidate the mean age at menarche in Icelandic girls and compare it with results from other Scandinavian populations as well as in other ethnic groups. The study was performed during the school year 1972-1973 on a cross-sectional sample of 682 girls (aged 8.5 to over 17 years), constituting 9.5% of the girls from the third to eleventh forms in all the primary and secondary schools of Reykjavik. The mean age at menarche in Iceland, elicited by the status quo method, proved to be 13.06 +/- 0.10 years (S.D. 1.17 years). According to the information given by the girls (recall method), the earliest time of menstruation was 9.83 years and the latest 15.17 years, at which age all but one of the girls were menstruating.

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