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Comparative Study
, 81 (16), 5046-50

Guinea Pig Preproinsulin Gene: An Evolutionary Compromise?

Comparative Study

Guinea Pig Preproinsulin Gene: An Evolutionary Compromise?

S J Chan et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.


We characterized a clone carrying the guinea pig preproinsulin gene, which, in contrast to other mammalian preproinsulin genes, is highly divergent in its regions encoding the B and A chains of mature insulin. Blot hybridization analysis indicates that this gene is present in only one copy in the guinea pig genome and that other normal or mutated preproinsulin genes do not exist in this animal. Moreover, the position of introns in this gene and the homology of its 3' flanking region to the corresponding regions of other sequenced mammalian genes show that it has been derived from the common mammalian stock. The rapid evolution of the region encoding the B and A chains can be interpreted, according to our sequence-divergence analysis, as due to the fixation of both neutral and adaptive mutations.

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