Sequential external counterpulsation (SECP) in China

Trans Am Soc Artif Intern Organs. 1983;29:599-603.


A new SECP was developed and is currently successfully used in more than 120 clinics in China. This sequenced counterpulsation device has the effect of milking more blood as pressure is applied on the extremities in succession (first distally then proximally) and in decreasing values (265 to 200 mm Hg). In comparison of the 4 types of counterpulsation, namely nonsequenced leg and 4 limb counterpulsation, and sequenced 4 limb and 4 limb with buttock balloons, the SECP with buttock balloons method raised the DA to appreciably higher levels with respect to DA amplitude and area. DA was raised 43.9% higher than that obtained with 4 limb SECP alone. From our experimental and clinical results, we conclude that SECP with buttock balloons is a far more effective method providing greater diastolic augmentation than previously reported in the literature. Two hundred angina and 52 AMI patients who had undergone the SECP treatment constitute the basis of this report. The present work represents an analysis of 6 yrs experience with studies on the design, development and clinical evaluation of the SECP method. Ninety-seven percent of the angina patients obtained long-term symptomatic relief. Relapse was minimal. In 95.7% of the AMI patients chest pain or shock symptoms were rapidly relieved. SECP with high DA appears to be very effective in improving myocardial blood supply and ventricular function. Moreover, the simplicity and advantages of this noninvasive sequenced counterpulsation method have been reported (1063 cases) from 31 clinics in China. This method is convenient, safe, and far more effective than conventional drug therapy for patients with acute and chronic ischemic myocardial disease.

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