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Case Reports
, 18 (1), 147-52

Phenotypic Variability in Townes-Brocks Syndrome

Case Reports

Phenotypic Variability in Townes-Brocks Syndrome

J Monteiro de Pina-Neto. Am J Med Genet.


This is a report on a child with sensorineural deafness, imperforate anus with rectovaginal fistula, hypoplastic thumb, and congenital heart defect. This pattern of congenital anomalies is similar to that described in patients with the Townes-Brocks syndrome, although the present patient has characteristics that have not been reported previously in this syndrome. It is proposed that the clinical spectrum of the Townes-Brocks syndrome must be extended to include congenital heart defect, auricular changes differing from those previously described, and anomalies of other internal organs. The syndrome is an autosomal dominant trait. The present case may represent a de novo mutation.

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