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, 65 (7), 509-12

Congenital Cardiac Disease in Dogs

  • PMID: 6749116

Congenital Cardiac Disease in Dogs

D McCaw et al. Mod Vet Pract.


Pulmonic stenosis is caused by a malformed pulmonic valve, stricture of the right ventricular outflow tract or stricture of the pulmonary artery. English Bulldogs, Beagles, Samoyeds, Fox Terriers and Chihuahuas are predisposed. Clinical signs in severely affected dogs include exercise intolerance, stunting, dyspnea, syncope and ascites. Auscultation reveals a high-frequency, crescendo-decrescendo murmur during systole, loudest over the left side of the thorax, near the sternal cardiac border. An ECG may reveal a right-axis deviation of greater than 120 degrees, S waves in leads I, II and III, deep S waves in CV6LL, CV6LU and V10, Q waves deeper than 0.5 mv in leads II, III and AVF, and positive T waves in lead V10. Plain film LAT thoracic radiographs reveal an elevated carina, increased sternal contact of the heart, loss of the cranial cardiac waist and a widened cardiac silhouette, with normal pulmonary vasculature. A DV projection reveals an inverted "D" shape of the right ventricle and a pulmonary artery bulge. A nonselective angiocardiogram reveals poststenotic dilation of the main pulmonary artery. Treatment involves surgical correction of the stenosis.

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