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. 1980 Apr;191(4):465-72.
doi: 10.1097/00000658-198004000-00013.

Muscle and Plasma Amino Acids After Injury: Hypocaloric Glucose vs. Amino Acid Infusion

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Muscle and Plasma Amino Acids After Injury: Hypocaloric Glucose vs. Amino Acid Infusion

J Askanazi et al. Ann Surg. .
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This study examines the effect of three different hypocaloric diets on the patterns of muscle and plasma amino acids in patients undergoing total hip replacement. Group I (seven patients) received 90 g/day of glucose, Group II (seven patients) received 70 g/day of amino acids, Group III (eight patients) received both 90 g of glucose and 70 grams of amino acids per day. Utilizing the percutaneous biopsy technique of Bergström, free amino acid patterns in muscle and plasma were analyzed pre- and postoperatively (day 4). The postoperative pattern of amino acids was characterized by elevated levels in muscle and plasma of the branched chain amino acids, phenylalanine, tyrosine and methionine. There was a marked decrease in muscle glutamine and smaller decreases in the basic amino acids in both muscle and plasma. Muscle:plasma concentration ratios increased for the neutral amino acids, decreased for glutamine and the basic amino acids and were unchanged for the acidic amino acids. The patterns seen after hip replacement are almost identical to those seen after colectomy or accidental injury. There was little effect of diet on amino acid concentrations in muscle. In plasma, concentrations of leucine, isoleucine, valine and proline were higher in Group II in the absence of glucose intake, than in the other groups. Lysine was lower in Group I with no amino acid intake than in the other groups. Thus, there is a unique amino acid pattern associated with operative trauma which is relatively unaffected by hypocaloric, intravenous nutrition.

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