The stereotaxic configuration of hypothalamus nerve centres in the pig

Anat Anz. 1980;147(1):12-32.


The purpose of this work was to state the three-dimensional position of the nuclei of the hypothalamus of the pig. The examinations were made on 12 brains of the pigs weighing from 95 to 105 kg. The length of the skulls in the studied animals varied between 26.5 to 28 cm. We have taken the following stereotaxic zero planes: 1. a horizontal plane joining the interaurical line and the upper edges of eye-sockets; 2. a transversal plane runs across the interaurical line vertically to the horizontal plane; 3. a sagittal plane corresponds to the plane of symetry of brain. The brains were fixed with 10% neutralized formalin, dehydrated in ethyl alcohol, embeded in paraffin and cut in three planes into sections 15 micrometers thick; sections were stained by method of Klüver and Barrera. The examinations of the histological preparations thus obtained furnished data for describing the position of the hypothalamus nuclei in the pig.

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